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A years long presence, a high level of skills and the continuous adoption of new knowledge has positioned company STORM Group as one of the leading Croatian companies in the area of development, implementation and maintenance of complex business information-communication systems. Thanks to the continuous upgrading of solution portfolios, with emphasis on the development and upgrading of own products, STORM Group offers integral and complete service on a turnkey basis, recognizing innovative needs and specific requirements of business partners and users.

With the intention for internationalization of business, group members have teamed up into the groupation so with the joint forces they can offer a complete integration service addressed to the specific requirements of partners and users from all business sectors. Thanks to the continuous improvement of the solutions portfolio, with a focus on the development of its own products, the group together operates in the whole region and has so far counted more than 1.500 projects.

Experts for the Best Technology Solutions

In addition to the certification as the basic prerequisite for meeting specific requirements of customers, STORM Group stands out in availability and promptness of expert teams, with focus on the anticipation and suitable solutions according to variety of business challenges. By continuous practical improvement of employees, company keeps pace with increasing world trends. Also, through adoption of new knowledge and technologies from the field of system, program and technical support and development, service, sale and technical services, company achieved high partner statuses with global partners and principals.

  • STORM Group in numbers

    > 180employees

  • STORM Group in numbers

    25 million €in income

  • STORM Group in numbers

    150 certificatesof global ICT partners

  • STORM Group in numbers

    > 25 yearsof market presence

  • STORM Group in numbers

    6 cities(Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, Slavonski Brod, Beograd, Priština)

  • STORM Group in numbers

    3 states(Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo)

  • STORM Group in numbers

    > 1.500successful projects


To enable continuous market development by innovative products and services.


To be reliable partner of regional economy through synergy of cooperation and exchange of knowledge with the leading global technological companies, with continuous investment in employees' education and development of innovative information-communication solutions.

Basic values

Knowledge, Innovativeness, Partnership, Flexibility, Persistence

Standards in business operation of member companies

In changeable and dynamic market conditions, application of the quality management systems ensure companies with the sustainability of business operations, productivity improvement and the creation of comparative values in relation to competitors. International standards guarantee the company's business partners, integrity, safety and high quality of delivered IT services, as well as the system completely oriented to continuous improvements.

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 20000-1:2011
ISO 27001:2013



Vladimir Olujić

President of the Board

Tomislav Kraljik

Member of the Board

Damir Špirelja

Member of the Board

Ivica Šorić

Member of the Board

Mirela Olujić

Member of the Board

Hotmir Brkić

Member of the Board

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