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Values for the best technology solutions

Energy infrastructure

Understanding the technological and business needs of individual business systems is a prerequisite for optimizing electro-energy system and reducing capital investment. By applying the best practices, we implement the entire electro-energy system within a construction and other projects.

Our strengths:
  • References
  • Certified experts
  • Innovative solutions
  • “Smart Energy" solutions

Passive network infrastructure

Computer and telecommunication infrastructure networks are the part of information and telecommunication system with the longest lifespan that participates with the smallest share in total costs, while could be the greatest threat to the stability and availability of systems and services.

    The quality of the computer and telecommunications infrastructure networks directly affects the lifespan, integrity and reliability of the users ICT system, so access to design and implementation does not allow any compromises.
Our strengths:
  • LAN > 200.000 installed links
  • MAN > 5.000 FO (Fiber Optics) connected companies
  • WAN > 3.500 km installed FO cables

STORM Data center

Business continuity and disaster recover ability are some of fundamental requirements that reliable ICT system must address. Our customers are able to turn capital investments (CAPEX) into operating expense (OPEX), while allowing capital resources for developing own core business.

STORM data center provides:
  • Collocation of equipment/space
  • Infrastrucure rental (IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service, PaaS – Platform as a Service, SaaS – Software as a Service)
  • Interconnection services
  • NOC
  • “Remote Hands & Eyes“ service
  • Remote backup services
  • Disaster recovery
  • Business continuity
Our strengths:
  • "In-house" design, development and implementation
  • 150 technical certificates as a support
  • Own development of SaaS solutions and protection system

NOC - Network Operations Center

NOC is a central point for managing and monitoring network infrastructure. Provides proactive approach to security and protection of system allowing high availability and uninterrupted ICT system performance. Certified experts monitor single or multiple internal or external network and proactively react to events that can degrade service or escalate to system breakdown.

The solution is in accordance with the recommendations of ITIL standard (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and provides:

  • Incident/change management
  • Continuous monitoring of service levels (SLA – Service Level Agreement)
  • Reporting and statistics
Our strengths:
  • Coverage of 3 states (Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo); “Feet on the street” – physical support
  • Design and maintenance the most vulnerable systems
  • Own application for monitoring, analyzing and reporting

Security IT solutions

Security of ICT system is one of crucial factors for reliable and uninterrupted business, which cannot affect to efficiency and productivity, than accelerate business processes and data availability.

Modern time is greatly challenging for system security – from different kinds of logical threats, hacker attacks to targeted industrial espionage. Rapid exchange increases the need for better protection of processed, transferred and stored data.

  • Solutions for comprehensive ICT protection
  • Proactive detection, recording and prevention for malware activities
  • Aligned to international standards (PCI DSS, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 20000-1)
Our strengths:
  • Technical certificates of global vendors
  • Many years of experience in maintaining sensitive and critical ICT systems

Solutions for business communication and collaboration

The implementation of modern technologies in the organization's business results in the creation of key market advantages, and collaboration solutions are a key segment to increase company efficiency and productivity.

Solutions provide customers mobility, availability and collaboration, regardless of geographic location, time of communication, or device type ("Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device"):

  • Unified communications
  • Video conference
  • Collaboration
Our strengths:
  • IP Telephony Solution Covered by 3 Countries (Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo)
  • Own development of additional modules according to user needs
  • Developed modules for recording and analyzing conversations, calling charges, connecting to business applications ...

Storage solutions

The most valuable part of every business is data, so their protection became imperative without compromise. Additionally, with the exponential growth of daily-generated data to be stored, the need for quick access to stored data is increasingly widespread.

Storage solution must be prompt, scalable, optimize file management, and simplify data consolidation. Some of the technologies applied in our solutions are compression, deduplication, mirroring and flash as increasingly applied technology.

  • Backup solutions
  • Disaster recovery solutions
  • All flash array technology
Our strengths:
  • Individualized approach for every customer according to its needs
  • Application of new technologies and support from leading world manufacturers

Contact centers

The contact center is the central point in the organization that manages customer relationships. With the ability to integrate with the user's business applications, the contact center provides consistent service regardless of the way and time of communication (24x7x365, phone, email, chat, fax ...), while at the same time providing specific sales and marketing opportunities (profit-maker) , such as proactive sales campaigns, acquisition of new customers, market research...

  • Integration with user business applications
  • Self Service Systems (IVRs - Interactive Voice Response)
  • Proactive sales campaigns
  • "Work-force optimization" - employee monitoring
Our strengths:
  • Design tailored to the needs of users
  • Highest partner status and certified specialists with long-term experience in solutions leading world manufacturers

Consolidation and virtualization of IT systems

If it is innovative, optimized, and tailored to core business, advanced technology directly affects productivity growth and cost reduction, and ultimately earnings.

We offer customers the transformation and consolidation of IT infrastructure through server virtualization, desktop virtualization (VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and application virtualization.

  • Significantly more advanced and more reliable monitoring and management of IT infrastructure
  • Process automation
  • Simple provisioning
  • System Migration
  • Upgrades
Our strengths:
  • Technical certificates of leading world manufacturers
  • Own support for HW, SW and virtualization
  • Experience in complex projects of consolidation and system migration

Advanced ICT solutions design

Choosing an appropriate IT system, both hardware and software, provides secure, stable, and uninterrupted operation and ensures timely availability of business applications, thus directly affecting employee performance and business results.

Advanced IT technology in business means smaller investments per unit cost as well as market competitiveness.

Our strengths:
  • Analysis of the current state of the IT system
  • Designing and developing recommendations for improvement
  • Solution deployment
  • System maintenance
  • Solving the most IT issues that are present in modern business ECO system
  • "Turnkey" - project approach

Integrated business information systems

Integrated business information systems include solutions that enable companies to automate and integrate all business processes into a unified system, which becomes a key resource for efficient resource management.

We provide a modern web-based ERP-CRM-DM-BI system, based on Open Source technology architecture.

  • Prompt adjustments to the business processes for each user
  • "Multi-company" environment
  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Project management
  • Document management
  • Business intelligence
Our strenghts:
  • Consultants and analysts with years of experience in the area of business systems and business processes
  • Localization of solutions compliant with the needs and requirements of legal regulation

Smart classroom

The concept of "Smart Classrooms" is intended for interactive learning, and is based on the deployment and integration of advanced HW and SW technology solutions into classic classrooms with the goal of improving teaching.

  • E-learning materials (electronic textbooks, presentations, animations, films ...)
  • Performing dynamic tests and quizzes of knowledge
  • Monitoring, collecting and analyzing student activities
  • Mutual communication between students and teachers
  • Ability of integration with the e-Dnevnik application
Our strengths:
  • Integration of all system components
  • Experience gained through successful implementations of the solution


Solution for consolidation, digitization and protection of telecommunication infrastructure - Supracontrol is a unique system for access control and environmental monitoring in telecommunication and server chassis and data centers:

  • Access control
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Video surveillance
  • Energy management
Our strengths:
  • Developed in accordance with industry standards, rigorous testing and quality control
  • 20 years of experience - understanding user needs
  • Own Production Platform = Continuous Development
  • CAPEX model - SC Cloud and SCaaS
  • Preventive maintenance

Integrated solutions for the hotel industry

The level and service quality are critical components for a successful hotel business, and are closely related to implemented ICT technologies.

Intelligent hotel systems directly affect the hotel's competitiveness by providing better service quality to guests, increased residence security and, ultimately, cost savings.

We provide an integrated solution for a successful hotel business:

  • Design and implementation of passive LAN infrastructure and energy systems
  • Interactive TV and IPTV systems
  • Intelligent room solution
  • Active LAN infrastructure (wired and wireless)
  • Security solutions with authorization and control of Internet access
  • Hotel telephony and contact centers
  • Digital Advertising Systems
Our strengths:
  • We are one the rare companies that have a comprehensive portfolio of hotel solutions and competencies for the overall solution implementation from our own resources

Integrated emergency services

An integrated solution for emergency services includes comprehensive communication - reception and management of emergency interventions, GIS location and navigation, recording, analytics and ERP system.

Own software solutions monitorand integrate business processes while interactions are recorded through the system, resulting in timely service with optimum engagement capacity.

The solution is applied in emergency medical assistance, fire brigade units, sanitary transportation, communal and distribution systems (gas, electricity, water ...).

An integrated solution includes:

  • Receiving call/incident information
  • Alerting and interventions management (employees, equipment and vehicles)
  • Statistical reports and work indicators
  • Integration with other systems and databases
Our strengths:
  • A complete information and communication solution for outpatient emergency medicine
  • Successful implementation covers 90% of the territory of the Republic of Croatia
  • Own software development

Self-service interactive terminals

Self-service interactive terminal is own developed product for improving business process users. It is made of specialized HW and SW, optimized for communicating with customers. The capabilities of adding specific components such as barcode scanners, cash and coins dispensers, cameras, printers, ejector drawers, etc., provide a wide range of applications.

Platform for integrated communication with users, customization according to customers visual identity, indoor and outdoor installation, vandal-proof construction, 24x7 work and positioning of the device at high frequency locations with display of marketing and/or other targeted content (Digital Signage) provide a number of benefits and savings.

  • PayBill - self-service user billing device
  • Hospital_Cube - device for automated control and management of medication storage and dispensing
  • Charging station - charging smart devices (smartphones, tablets, notebooks) with display of marketing and/or other content
  • BuyTicket - Automated process of ticket sales at frequent locations
Our strengths:
  • Own development of solution
  • Hardware customization according to customer specific needs
  • Highly reliable components made and tested according to industry standards
  • Experience gained through successful implementation

Digital signage

Digital Signage uses LCD and LED technology with all relevant HW/SW platforms to display content such as digital images, video, websites, and other targeted marketing or information content.

It is used in public spaces, transport systems, museums, stadiums, retail centers, HoReCa segment, corporate buildings, etc.

The screens can be touch sensitive intended for interaction with customers and placed indoor or outdoor with wall, ceiling or stand-alone installation.

  • Automatization of content and communication with users
  • Brand awareness
  • Centralized user-friendly management
  • Access through cloud service or own server
  • HTML5 compatible
  • Default schedule and content repetition
Our strengths:
  • Digital signage CUBE – 46“ screens that display 4-sided content dependent or independent on each other
  • Individualized approach to customer needs
  • Partnership with leading global manufacturers
  • Centralized management
  • Support 24x7

IoT - Internet of Things

Internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical devices embedded with electronics, software and sensors which enables devices to connect, collect and exchange data.

Involves extended Internet connectivity beyond standard devices, such as desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Depending on the settings, devices can communicate and interact over the Internet, and be remotely monitored and controlled.

Solutions have a wide range of applications from logistics and vehicle tracking to sophisticated remote control of the work environment in complex data centers.

Our strengths:
  • Own developed solution – Supracontrol
  • Certificates leading global manufacturers
  • Highly reliable components made and tested according to industry standards


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