The medCRM application selected in the 50 most promising Croatian IT solutions!

The medCRM application, a business solution of the Rinels company, was recognized by the representatives of the Croatian Informatics Association and the representatives of the technological media house VIDI and was selected in the 50 most promising Croatian business software solutions for 2020.

This important selection proves the value and quality we strive to provide for our customers with state-of-the-art technological solutions.

The medCRM application is a specialized business solution, intended for private polyclinics, which enables accelerated flow of information, records of all business events, detailed business analytics and minimization of the risk of errors in everyday work, which directly increases quality and maintains high standards. Polyclinics that use the medCRM application in their daily work emphasize significant business improvement through better business planning, faster decision-making and more efficient cooperation of all employees.

You can find more information HERE.

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