We presented AIRI!

We are first in Croatia and the region who introduced AIRI - Artificial Intelligence Ready Infrastructure!

The first comprehensive HPC infrastructure solution for AI / ML / DL, designed by Pure Storage and NVIDIA NVIDIA DGX system's for the computing power. Based on Pure Storage FlashBlade and NVIDIA DGX servers, AIRI offers enterprise environments a simple, fast and "future-proof" solution that will meet AI / ML / DL requirements.

We are grateful to the presenters from NVIDIA and Pure Storage, who presented the AIR solution in an interesting and educational way.

With its technological innovations and business model, Pure Storage has made a major breakthrough regarding to any traditional storage solution and has positioned itself as a global leader in Gartner, IDC and other market-based independent organizations.

NVIDIA, recently best known for its personal computer graphics processors, is now emerging as one of the leaders in the GPU deep learning computing market. Graphic accelerator number 1 in the world, NVIDIA TESLA GPU, has the highest performance, optimized for large data analysis and large scale scientific loads.

Thanks to Tesla's GPU accelerators and FlashBlade architecture, engineers and researchers can handle petabytes of datas incomparably faster than with traditional central processors (CPUs).

STORM Computers is a Pure Storage and NVIDIA partner who through innovative solutions enables its customers to transform their business with a significant increase in performance and efficiency at a lower cost.

STORM Computers as a NVIDIA Preferred Solutions Integration Partner!

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