Classroom of the Future – High school Karlovac

Business profile

Project Schools 2.0 (Škole 2.0) is the backbone of e-education in Croatia. E-education allows teachers to perform the educational process with the use of multimedia and Internet with the purpose of improving the quality of learning. The aim of project is to connect as many schools on fast Internet connection and with the help of new technology provide better education and a better interconnection between schools.

Following the project's success and the great approval of the school in applying technology tools, Karlovac became the fifth Croatian city in which Microsoft Croatia, the Croatian academic and research network - CARNet and STORM Computers, with the support of the Ministry of science and education, secured and implemented technology that enables students to learn the skills they will need in the labor market in the future, while facilitating teachers to the transfer of knowledge.


  • Create a place open to new technologies in teaching process and creating new knowledge.
  • To allow students and teachers access school's wireless internet to attend and follow their classes via their tablets and smartphones.
  • To make teaching content more interesting, teaching process more interactive, and to leverage the benefits provided by most modern information and communication technology
  • Using the most advanced software tools to facilitate the organization and management of learning processes through contemporary interactive reports and presentations designed for the digital world

Categories of deployed technologies and solutions

30 tablets with keyboards HP Pro Tablet 10 EE Z3735F 10 2GB/32 PC Wireless network equipment Smart Board eBoard and Digital signage player ViewSonic 69.5 NetSupport School license Microsoft Office 365 Charging and storage station for tablets and keyboards Training and education

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